• Hiddenswordsman

    Meena is a TV cartoon. It is mainly for SAARC countries. Meena is a 9 years old girl who fights against all odds. She is a spirited girl. She doesn`t fear in any danger. The sub characters of this cartoon are Raju and Mithu. Raju is the younger brother of Meena. Mithu is the pet bird of Meena. Mithu tries to save Meena from any danger. Sometimes she goes to school with Meena. The cartoon is broadcasted with a view to teach children something new. It was also broadcasted in Laos, Combodia and Vietnam. Meena is also a popular cartoon in Bangladesh . The UNICEF is mainly involve with making this cartoon. Menna goes to adventure with his brother Raju and parrot Mithu. When she was not allowed to go to school. Mithu went to her school and learn…

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