Count your Chickens is the first episode of the UNICEF Bangladesh series, Meena. The episode was released in 1992 and although originally released in Bangla, this episode (among many others) has been dubbed in several languages including English and Hindi.


At the beginning of the episode, we are introduced to Meena, a 9 year old girl living with her mother, father, little brother, Raju and her baby sister, Rani, in a village. We see Raju return home from school, eager to tell his parents what he has learnt that day. Meena wants to attend school like her brother, but is not allowed because her parents expect her to stay home to keep the house. Disappointed, Meena heads off to fetch the water. However, she still desperately longs to go to school and goes so far as to plead with her pet parrot, Mithu, to fly to school, memorise what the teacher is saying and repeat it back to her so she can learn too.

Mithu flies to the school and memorises some of the two times table. He then returns to Meena and recalls it to her. She then attempts to learn what Mithu has told her visually by applying the two times table to the groups of animals she sees, in particular the chickens sitting on the wall.

Her learning is put into practice when a thief steals one of the chickens. While Meena does not see the thief initially, she uses the number skills she has acquired to count the chickens and realises that one is missing. It is only then that she sees the thief running off with the chicken. She alerts her father and together, they alert the other villagers who, along with them, chase the thief. Luckily, the family get the chicken back after the thief falls into water.

Meena's mother and the other villagers are curious to know how Meena realised so quickly that the chicken was missing.

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