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This article is about a TV cartoon character,named Meena.

Meena (character)Edit

Meena is a nine years old girl who lives in a rural area of Bangladesh (possibly). She is the protagonist of the TV series, Meena and naturally, she appears in all episodes.

Usually, most of the episodes follow Meena's activities which warns people about disasters, helps them fight against several diseases and inspires children to go to school and shows many other things which help people in south-east Asia in raising social awareness.

Almost in all of the episodes, her younger brother, Raju assists her many things. Her family consists of her parents, her brother, her grandmother and her youngest sister, Rani and they also pet some animals - a parrot, named Mithu, a cow named Lali and a goat, they call Munmun. Though her family members appear in every episodes, they are not main characters, rather supportive characters.

Not much is known about Meena's background, but UNICEF designed most of her habits and wishes, which are very useful for the villagers of south-east Asia so life would be much easier for them.

Other characters Edit

  • Raju (Meena's brother)
  • Meena's parents
  • Rani (Meena's youngest sister)
  • Meena's grandmother
  • Mithu (Meena's pet parrot)
  • Lali (A cow they pet)
  • Munmun (A goat they pet)
  • Guruama (Teacher)
  • Guruama Replacement
  • Shopkeeper
  • Shopkeeper's Son
  • Shopkeeper's Nephew
  • Shopkeeper's Brother
  • Bokul, Meena's Friend

Theme Song (TV Series' Ending Credits) Edit

The theme song of Meena Cartoon is basically in Bengali[1]. The English translation is given below:

Note: This song actually has an English Version[2], this is only the exact translation of the Bengali song[3].

I am my parents' affectionate daughter
I grow up with everyone's love
There are many dreams in my imaginations
I want to be educated!!!
I am my parents' affectionate daughter
If the life spends inside 4 walls forever
I will only be a burden then
Education will surely give me freedom!
I am the hope for tomorrow
I also have wishes and wills
Don't keep me locked in a home
Take me ahead!
I am my parents' affectionate daughter!

Reference Edit

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